Who Goes to Therapy?


People don’t usually seek therapy when things are going well.  You may have been noticing the way you are feeling for a while, maybe you are just tuning in to realize this, or maybe you have had a recent experience that left you feeling lost or stuck.

Life is a journey with varying obstacles that inhibit our ability to be the best version of ourselves.  The path may be challenging and unclear with our past experiences shaping how we act, think and feel.  We rely on learned patterns and habits in order to cope with unpleasant thoughts and feelings.  While at times these were necessary and helpful- you are here because they aren’t serving you as they once did. 

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” – Anthony Robbins

We often don’t take the time to slow down, take a deep breath and look at the “workability” of our actions- in other words: Is what I am doing getting me what I want in a way that is sustainable? Hitting the pause button allows for time to explore if your are acting in a way that is in accordance with our values, beliefs and what’s really meaningful.

It can be very difficult to determine what is authentically important to you for a variety of reasons. Maybe you learned to put others needs before your own, have difficulty identifying what your needs, or have guilt and shame for even having needs. In order to feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, go back to the basics and connect with what you are needing and missing in your life.  Counseling will help you gain clarity about what is really important for you to know about yourself,  what you want to share with others,  what gives your life purpose and meaning. 

Individual, couple, or family counseling can get you on or back on track in order to develop and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.

images-5Let counseling help you navigate some of the challenges in life, develop your inner compass and connect to what is really meaningful to you.


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