About Brianna

Counselor/Client Relationship

Fit is important! Make sure you choose the right therapist for you. Deciding to embark on change can be difficult enough. Coupled with the idea of sharing intimate details with a stranger- comfort and a sense of connection with your counselor are important. I am dedicated to creating a safe space, free of judgement, with genuine curiosity to hear your story  and allow room for healing and growth.

I offer a collaborative process based on what works best for you to encourage deeper engagement. Together we will focus on creative and engaging ways to help you get results. Each session is varied based on what we feel will be most beneficial for you. My goal is to see how effectively I can give you the tools to set you on your path. While sometimes challenging, the process is filled with encouragement, curiosity and discovery.

It is a strange field because, unlike any other field of medicine, you never really finish. Your greatest instrument is you, yourself, and the work of self-understanding is endless. I’m still learning.”  Irvin D. Yalom