Weekly after school drop-in group for tweens & teens. The group is aimed at providing a safe place to go after school, with gentle support and time to HANG with HORSES ! Horses naturally help reduce anxiety, regulate through emotions, increase awareness of self and others and are a FUN way to decompress after a stressful day.


HERD Supervision 

Join us in this unique group designed for counseling students, interns and Master’s level clinicians working toward licensure or wanting ongoing clinical support while we work with horses to discover our areas of growth, navigating blocks in the clinical relationship, and ways to care for yourselves and your clients while you develop your successful practice.

We will work with the horses as they help us understand regulation, boundaries, relationship and communication. The development of these skills will be supported through experiential learning.



Group includes:

  • Variety of herds of horses and relational dynamics
  • Access to nature
  • 2 licensed professional counselors with training in supervision
  • Will satisfy CACREP group requirements and LPCC supervision hours
  • 6 meetings (first and last group will meet for 2 hours; all other sessions are 1.5 hours)

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NOURISH & NURTURE : Support Group


We will explore relationships with compulsive and emotional eating, body image and self-esteem. Draw on the wisdom of our herd and have a space free of ridicule and criticism of others. Above all this group will focus on helping you get in contact with your wants and needs so you can THRIVE in your life.



When: Second Sunday of the Month

Time: 11:00am-1:00pm

Investment: $149/group

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Moms, grab your teen daughter and join us for a day of soul-nourishing, mother-daughter bonding.

This fun and unique retreat will cultivate deeper connection, trust, and understanding between moms and daughters. You’ll enjoy hands on activities​ ​with horses​​ ​and ​a unique partner yoga practice that will give you and your daughter new self- awareness and insight into your relationship. ​


  • Date: ​Saturday, May 9th, 2020
  • Time: ​9:30am- 3:00pm
  • Investment: $324/pair – Early Bird Rate $299!
  • Space is limited to 5 pairs.
  • No yoga or horse experience necessary.
  • Daughters must be at least 13 years old.

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HERD & HEARTS: Teen Wellness Group


This 6 week group will bring fun, connection to a community of peers and skills to deal with the ups and downs of teen life. Each year we run our summer program we see teens who bravely explore and work through some of the experiences that keep them stuck in depression, anxiety and low self esteem. However, at the end of the program each teem walks away feeling seen, heard, accepted and more hopeful than when they started. This program will equip your teen with empowering skills to no just “get through” but to discover parts of themselves to confidently walk through the life and navigate relationships.

SO…Your teen would be great for this camp if:

  • They have been feeling overwhelmed by their anxiety or depression
  • They have tendency to isolate from others
  • They are struggling with making and/or maintaining peer relationships

Through experiential activities with other peers, horses and art-making, participants will gain:

  • Skills & strategies to manage emotions
  • Balancing the ‘wants’ and ‘shoulds’
  • Building a sense of mastery and self-respect
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Greater understanding of the impact of their choices
  • A sense of control over their anxiety and depression
  • EMPOWERMENT AND CONNECTION (with self and others)!

Duration: 6 sessions

Investment: $500

2019 Dates TBD

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Included in the Custom Package Rate:

  • Custom & highly individualized therapeutically directed group agenda’s to the dynamically different needs of each group/participant.
  • Ability to accommodate larger groups activities will focus on communication, boundaries, rules/roles/function in community/relationships. (Smaller the group the more individual attention each participant will receive).
  • 1/2 hour pre-group check in with horse handlers and 1/2 hr debrief which is imperative to maintain the physical and emotional safety the participants AND the horse handlers as well so they can act with integrity ALWAYS and increased self- awareness of how they may be influencing the therapeutic process. 
  • Collaborating with Residential staff/therapists to update on current themes/treatment goals so we can design appropriate and congruent activities/interventions, as well as a 30-minuted phone call to debrief.  
  • One of the most beneficial part of Equine Assisted Therapy is the integration participants experience and ability to use what they experienced to make meaning, create understanding and facilitate lasting change in their daily life. 

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