Performance Prep Coaching for Equestrians

Your horse is prepped,

Your outfit is polished,

You have spent coutless hours practicing.

Learn how to mentally prepare so you can step into the arena so you can step into the arena with confidence and deliver a performance you can feel proud of.

Individual 1:1 Sessions

Coaching sessions will help riders prepare for competitions, improve confidence, develop and sharpen mental skills that allow you to showcase their ability, not their anxiety.

Topics include/not limited to:

  • Goal Setting
  • Navingating mental and emotional blocks
  • Support when moving up a level
  • Mindfulness: Increasing awareness and controling self-talk
  • Mind body connection and increasing awareness
  • Repairing or improving the relationship with your equine partner
  • Identifying and defining “YOUR why”
  • Getting in the Zone: Control your attention and concentration to maximize performance
  • Tracking rides and progress


Clinics are designed to teach mental techniques to a group of riders at your barn or facility. Group sessions can be coordinated to meet specific interests. Barn clinics are a great way to maximize the “off season” training time, support a riders moving up a division, support riders with setting and clarifying goals for the upcoming show or season, managing expectations, and arrive at the ring with confidence.

Take-home materials and strategies to implement immediately are provided. Preparation for specific competitions, championships or finals is available.

Additional Services:

  • Phone sessions cover all of the same material as in-person sessions
  • Morning and evening scheduling also available
  • Show packages available for additional support during competitons
  • Flexible session length