What I know about Relationships:

  • They are hard.
  • They take work.
  • They change over time.
  • The fight you are having isn’t really about taking out the garbage.

Relationships are not like checking a box your “to do list”. They require energy and effort. Counseling can help gain a better understanding of your needs and partners needs, improve communication to make it more effective, speak to what is really going on, and enhance and/or enrich the quality of your relationships as they evolve over time.

 “Connection is why we are here, it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”  – Brené Brown

The proverbial “garbage” may bring you into the room to seek a third party, neutral opinion. Often there is a break down in communication, trust, intimacy, and values that wedges itself between partners. Lasting change happens when the deeper underlying issues are unearthed. It’s easier to talk about garbage because we don’t have to make it personal, get vulnerable, or expose our authentic & true self. It can be risky to do so in the “heat of the moment” when defenses are on high alert. Having a space that is neutral, nonjudgmental, and safe- you will get a chance to communicate openly and honestly.  Practice navigating getting the support you need to feel more understood and connected.  Your voice is important – hear and be heard by one another.


Let counseling be a place to look at the patterns that keep you stuck and learn new ways to communicate and relate to one another.